Inquiries has been a provider of adjudication services for the federal government and commercial entities for many years. Adjudication entails compiling and reviewing personal information on individuals in order for authorized entities to make clearance or hiring decisions based upon public information or information provided by the individual. These services have been provided to all branches of the armed services, state and municipal governments and commercial clients.

Record Maintenance/Retrieval

We have been tasked with updating records for several states to update their criminal databases. Currently, we are tasked with retrieving court records for a federal government law enforcement agency in helping them determine eligibility for firearm purchases.


Through our wholly owned subsidiary we maintained a nationwide cadre of inspectors that verified health care facilities for a federal government client. This entailed reporting monthly by several hundred personnel on the status of approximately 3,500 locations.

Personnel Security

Our security subsidiary provided field investigations for several federal government clients.  This entailed maintaining a workforce in excess of 1400 credentialed personnel for retrieval of pertinent records and the compilation of timely and accurate files back to the agencies for their determinations.

Our security subsidiary supported United States National Security by providing expert background investigations, security consulting and security program support throughout the United States and its territories on a continuous basis through our cadre of professionals in support of our nation’s police, defense and intelligence communities.