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Background Screening

Thousands of businesses and corporations across our nation can attest to the fact that their reputations and finances have been devastated by the actions of their employees.


Fingerprint databases are the “gold standard” for matching an individual to a criminal history.  But there are other background details that many employers use in conjunction with fingerprint checks (drug tests, credit check) to further assess the suitability of an individual.   In response to the ever-growing demand nationwide for high quality, dependable background investigations, we have assembled the resources and trained personnel to meet this challenge.  We offer cost-effective, accurate and timely screenings that can be tailored to your individual specifications.


All screens for employees are handled in a professional and confidential manner as well as in accordance with mandated requirements.  Inquiries  follows strict operational guidelines, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and State and Federal regulations to alleviate the possibility of any lawsuits for our clients.  Inquiries ensures the information matches the guidelines and standards specific to the client from which they were sent.  


Standard Services


The best term to describe an employer who fails to exercise due diligence? “Defendant.”

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