Great News!

Inquiries has acquired MSM Security effective Febuary 1, 2019.
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The International Monetary Fund is busy with plans to bail out entire countries.  State budgets are under pressure.  Major cities have missed bond payments and are headed for bankruptcy.  Is it any wonder that federal and state agencies are embracing the outsourcing of non-critical functions?

It’s a bit of a conundrum.  Just when you need greater levels of personnel security, there’s less money to pay for it, and fewer people to do it. In this environment, it makes sense on a number of levels to outsource your background screening requirements to an expert with the skills, resources and technology to meet your needs on a predictable budget. And since background screening is a discrete function, it’s easily outsourced, and can be brought back in-house at any time.

Our government clients will be happy to discuss why the Inquiries relationship works for them.  Here are some reasons we’ve heard …

  • Staff is stretched already.  Free them up to take care of vital functions 
  • Focus HR on employee development, rather than keeping up with specialized knowledge, resources and data feeds necessary to run a quality screening operation 
  • Minimize legal risk.  Outside suppliers are rigid on following all legal guidelines
  • Applicants and employees feel better not having another employee looking into their background.  Screening by a professional outside agency, however, is well-accepted

Inquiries is the most dependable team player in the fingerprinting business. Their employees' judgment and outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to the company's endeavors. Inquiries Inc would be an asset to any organization, and we are happy to give them our wholehearted recommendation.

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